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Your opinion is more convincing when you use a firm attitude. On a separate sheet of paper, write a thesis statement for each of the following topics. Remember to make each statement specific, precise, demonstrable, forceful and confident. Each of the following thesis statements meets several of the following requirements:. You can find thesis statements in many places, such as in the news; in the opinions of friends, coworkers or teachers; and even in songs you hear on the radio.

Pay attention to your own everyday thesis statements as well, as these can become material for future essays. Now that you have read about the contents of a good thesis statement and have seen examples, take a look at the pitfalls to avoid when composing your own thesis:. A thesis is weak when it is simply a declaration of your subject or a description of what you will discuss in your essay. Weak thesis statement: My paper will explain why imagination is more important than knowledge.

Weak thesis statement: Religious radicals across America are trying to legislate their Puritanical beliefs by banning required high school books. A thesis is weak when it contains an obvious fact or something that no one can disagree with or provides a dead end. Weak thesis statement: Advertising companies use sex to sell their products.

Weak thesis statement: The life of Abraham Lincoln was long and challenging.

Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements

Read the following thesis statements. On a separate piece of paper, identify each as weak or strong. For those that are weak, list the reasons why. Then revise the weak statements so that they conform to the requirements of a strong thesis. Often in your career, you will need to ask your boss for something through an e-mail. Just as a thesis statement organizes an essay, it can also organize your e-mail request. While your e-mail will be shorter than an essay, using a thesis statement in your first paragraph quickly lets your boss know what you are asking for, why it is necessary, and what the benefits are.

In short body paragraphs, you can provide the essential information needed to expand upon your request. Your thesis will probably change as you write, so you will need to modify it to reflect exactly what you have discussed in your essay. Working thesis statements often become stronger as you gather information and form new opinions and reasons for those opinions.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Revision helps you strengthen your thesis so that it matches what you have expressed in the body of the paper. The best way to revise your thesis statement is to ask questions about it and then examine the answers to those questions. By challenging your own ideas and forming definite reasons for those ideas, you grow closer to a more precise point of view, which you can then incorporate into your thesis statement.

You can cut down on irrelevant aspects and revise your thesis by taking the following steps:.

Pinpoint and replace all nonspecific words, such as people , everything , society , or life , with more precise words in order to reduce any vagueness. Working thesis: Young people have to work hard to succeed in life. Revised thesis: Recent college graduates must have discipline and persistence in order to find and maintain a stable job in which they can use and be appreciated for their talents. The revised thesis makes a more specific statement about success and what it means to work hard.

The original includes too broad a range of people and does not define exactly what success entails.

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By replacing those general words like people and work hard , the writer can better focus his or her research and gain more direction in his or her writing. Working thesis: The welfare system is a joke. Revised thesis: The welfare system keeps a socioeconomic class from gaining employment by alluring members of that class with unearned income, instead of programs to improve their education and skill sets.

A joke means many things to many people. Readers bring all sorts of backgrounds and perspectives to the reading process and would need clarification for a word so vague. This expression may also be too informal for the selected audience. By asking questions, the writer can devise a more precise and appropriate explanation for joke. The writer should ask himself or herself questions similar to the 5WH questions.

By incorporating the answers to these questions into a thesis statement, the writer more accurately defines his or her stance, which will better guide the writing of the essay. Replace any linking verbs with action verbs. Linking verbs are forms of the verb to be , a verb that simply states that a situation exists. Working thesis: Kansas City schoolteachers are not paid enough.

Revised thesis: The Kansas City legislature cannot afford to pay its educators, resulting in job cuts and resignations in a district that sorely needs highly qualified and dedicated teachers. The linking verb in this working thesis statement is the word are. Linking verbs often make thesis statements weak because they do not express action.

Rather, they connect words and phrases to the second half of the sentence. You may not have a clear idea of a thesis statement when you begin gathering your material, organizing your points, or actually writing.

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Question: Can I start writing my essay if I do not have a clear thesis statement? Answer: Absolutely. It sounds backwards to do it that way, but who says you have to start at the beginning and write your paper straight through?

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In case you missed the first 5 parts of this Intro to Writing series, feel free to check out the links below. In Part 1 of Intro to Writing, students practiced narrowing down a topic. You can find that tutorial here. In Part 2, they brainstormed and organized. The middle school version is here.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

The high school version is here. Intro to Writing, Part 3 takes some of the pain out of outlines by using material your students are already very familiar with: restaurant categories and the way grocery stores are organized. Grab it and the free printables here. Part 4 features a tutorial on writing effective paragraphs. Find this dandy tutorial for middle school students here. And the tutorial for teens, with an endangered Porcupine Park, can be found here.

Lesson on Writing Thesis Statements (AP Test)

Part 5 is a tutorial on point orders, with a link to a video explaining point orders. You can get it here. Part 6 teaches your students how to easily develop thesis statements main ideas. Part 7 finishes off this series with free tutorials on introductions and conclusions. Separate tutorials for middle school and high school. Grading Essays Made Easy.

forum2.quizizz.com/chicas-feas-necesito-el-sexo-tambien.php Homeschool Life. Proofreading Tips. Writing Prompts. Download free samples of our courses here. This main idea is called a thesis statement. Here are samples of five directions in which a student could go with this: The Civil War was anything but civil. You can say that you prefer chocolate to vanilla ice cream, to which another can either agree or disagree. This kind of exchange, however, neither leads to further conversation about nor investigation of an issue. Blanket opinions are conversation stoppers.

A thesis statement is a conversation starter. Define your point of view. Once given your assignment, take notes or write in a less structured way this is called "free writing" in order to sort out your thoughts on the issue at hand. You may want to create a table listing the pros and cons of two opposing positions before you make your final decision. This will provide you with clarification and perhaps a line of argumentation for the body of your essay. Write your thesis statement in the form of an organized and clear complex sentence. Complex sentences, as opposed to simple sentences, allow you to communicate rich thoughts.

They give you room to unpack and elaborate in the body of your essay. Consider the following pair of sentences, the first simple and expressing a mere opinion, the second expressing a considered point of view in a complex sentence: I hate San Francisco weather in the summertime. Statement 1 gives a mere opinion, to which one can respond in only one of two ways.

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

One can agree I hate it, too or disagree I love San Francisco weather. Either way, the statement does not begin a conversation, but rather shuts it down from the beginning as with the chocolate ice cream example. It is a flat, blanket statement. Statement 2 offers much more to a writer and a reader. Notice first the structure of the sentence. It is a complex sentence with two subordinate clauses in front of the main, independent clause. Looking at the sentence from its structure alone, one can see how much richer it is.