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This was the action which triggered a series of events leading to her eventual execution on February 8th Before her arrival in England, Mary's reputation had already been tarnished by allegations of her involvement in the murder of her husband, Lord Darnley. This, coupled with the fact that she was Elizabeth's cousin and heir to the throne made her arrival potentially problematic.

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Her religion also posed a threat to Elizabeth. Catholics regarded Mary as the rightful Queen '[we] accept her for the true and right Heir apparent of this Realm of England' and were ready to serve her. After taking these points into careful consideration the Privy Council advised Elizabeth to keep her as a prisoner until she could explain why she had previously claimed to be Queen of England and account for the death of Darnley.

Elizabeth agreed and Mary was kept at various places such as Carlisle, Bolton and Sheffield.

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However, it was obvious that imprisonment could not be a long term solution and so Elizabeth and her government evaluated their alternatives carefully. Foreign powers and influences limited Elizabeth's options; Mary could not be allowed to return to France because of the danger that she might raise support for her earlier claim to be Queen.

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She could not be sent back to Scotland, either, because any attempt Mary made reassert herself was doomed to failure and result in the Protestant Lords executing her. This effectively forced Elizabeth to allow Mary to remain in England either under imprisonment or as at citizen. Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

Mary got caught in attempting. Mary I of England, not to be confused with her cousin Mary Queen of Scots, is most commonly referred to as one of the most, if not the most vicious and blood thirsty monarchs in English history and few of them have been given reputations as infamous as hers. Mary was obsessed with the quest to return England from the Protestant Church of England to its Catholic tradition during her three year reign as Queen of England. Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots During the sixteenth century there where many conflicts which occurred between Catholics and Protestants.

The Kings and Queens of England especially kept on changing between both religions.

To what extent was Mary, Queen of Scots the major cause of instability in Elizabethan England?

This made it very difficult for the people of England to choose a religion because laws kept on getting changed in regard to practicing religion. When Elizabeth I became Queen she became the new defender of the faith, thus making Protestantism the official religion. The Elizabethan Era was from the birth of Queen Elizabeth 1 till her death.

Queen Elizabeth was the one who was responsible for what happened to the country during this era. For Queen Elizabeth, being part of the Elizabethan Royalty was a tough and challenging task.

She played an important role within the religious conflicts for power between England and it's neighboring countries, had the constant pressure to produce a successor, and had to endure sexual discrimination for being a. At this time, the Renaissance had spread to England. As a ruler, she was well educated, speaking about four different languages Beck However, it was not just her knowledge that made her into a popular monarch.

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Her personality helped her to become a successful politician as well. She was frequently unjust, and she was often maddeningly. During that time England was a strong country and she was a successful queen. Many people thought Elizabeth would not last long without a powerful husband but they were proved wrong. In fact Elizabeth was very clever in not choosing a husband. There were four men that she could have married but said no to.

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The first man was Philip of Spain. Yet, if Mary Stuart was successful in taking the throne would she be a good queen? Although Mary Stuart was educated and had strong.

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No matter how these four notable ladies came into power, the accomplishments they overcame, achieved and wrote about proved to be great and substantial in making history as it is written today. Mary I, or also called Mary Tudor, was next in line to the throne after her half-brother.